Choosing a right pillow is very important, as it provides you comfort during your sleep, gives you neck, head, and shoulder support.


Contour pillows are best for those who are suffering from head and back region problems. These pillows are soft and give complete support to the neck and give relief from neck pain. This pillow provides proper circulation of blood to the head and neck region.

It has 100℅ natural latex. These pillows are best for people who are suffering from orthopedic problems. It also provides instant relief from aching muscles and arthritis and boosts up sleep. It is hygienic and free from any fungus or anything.


It is a natural latex pillow made up of natural rubber juice, which is very soft and safe to use. Its pattern is that it maintains the shape of the pillow uniformly and effectually circulates the heat generated by the body, providing peaceful support to the neck, back, and shoulders.

This pillow can be adjusted according to personal posture, allow shoulder, neck, and back to rest .when you wake up, this pillow will regain its original form. The thickness of the edges of the cushion is thinner because the product is not square. The cushion is 4.7 inches thick in the center.

Natural latex pillow helps to relieve back, neck, shoulders, and elastic support for the cervical spine. The bonus pillowcase is composed of bamboo fiber and polyester, and rectangular design makes it easy to clean. This latex pillow is easily washable but cannot be exposed to sunlight because the ultraviolet rays can cause the pad to oxidize and harden in the sun.


These pillows are perfect for those who are dealing with problems of the neck aches or back pain. The ergonomic design makes sure that you get good sleep and also give relief from stiff neck pain. Orthopedic support provides you comfort and proper spinal alignment.

This pillow has a latex form, and it comes with five years warranty.

The pillow divides the weight evenly, relieving pressure, and helping with neck and back pain as it supports the neck region to rest in a perfect angle to give you a good sleep.


These pillows are a chemical-free product, and it is suitable for children.

The natural latex form creates this mattress hypoallergenic and anti-dust, protect your child from allergies.

This latex pillow has been created by keeping in mind the atmospheric pressure and temperature, which help conserve softness and buoyancy.

These latex pillows are safe and harmless and also useful for your child to use. The primary material used in this latex foam pillow is cotton.

These pillows hold up close to the neck and give much better support to back and shoulder to help align the spine and provide relief in pain and pressure points throughout these areas. Maintain minimal body heat, allow to sleep moderately cool.


This natural latex pillow is created in such a way to reduce back and neck pain and helps to get relief in shoulder stiffness and keeps your muscle relax.

These pillows are healthy and made of 100% natural rubber latex pillow enclosed with extra breathable micro vented cover.

Pin core latex hole has air cushions to allow free airflow, whereas the breathable cover works as an additional supports for a pillow.

They have wrapping of organic knitted cloth to keep them comfortable. The natural latex makes this pillow hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, and it prohibits the growth of harmful bacteria.


This pillow contains temperature-sensitive Visco elastic memory form, which gently molds and provides additional support to neck and back.

Provides proper spinal alignment, and keep the neck in place relaxing from the pressure of hindbrain. It adjusts with the shoulders of the kids and allows them to sleep in a variety of positions.

The pillow removes pain and pressure points result in an excellent night.

This pillow has a soft removable cover with moisture management properties, which helps in the optimal sleeping temperatures.

This pillow is perfect for providing you comfort and wellness, as well as they, are clean, hygienic, eco-friendly, and free from any mite and irritate pads made up of non-toxic material.

Orthopedic supports provides you with proper spinal alignment.

It is travel convenient as it consumes less space.


These pillows have air cushions for support and relief from back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Orthopedic support gives proper spinal alignment and provides adequate sleeping posture. It enables your neck muscle to relax Viscoelastic memory foams, keeping your neck and head in alignment and providing better comfort and support. This pillow is temperature-sensitive, so memory foam molds, and it has a light shaping.

The memory foam cells compress fully and spread its air pressure to adjoining cells. It has high density, slow-recovery foam, built to your curves and shape to reduce stress and profit.

This pillow has an eco-friendly manufacturing method. The natural latex material is non-toxic, antibacterial,anti-dust mite, and mold-proof, which provides outstanding natural skincare to all. This pillow is soft and specially made to give relief from back, neck, and shoulder pain. The micro-holes which are present in the pad promote air circulation, which distributes body heat during sleep, results in increasing the quality of your sleep.