We all know that before knowing syllabus we cannot study well for exams. Likewise, if you want to use the MOD APK we must have complete knowledge about it. So let’s get started.

The full form of MOD APK is modified Android application , MOD=modified & APK is the format used for Android applications. These are the modified versions of their original apps. MOD APK’s are modified means, they provide us with better features and also unlocks the features which are used only by paid users.

So I think that you get it now, so we should move on to its advantages and disadvantages. We all got or saw the advantage MOD APK’s are completely open apps unpaid + paid. Which we can download from any websites other than Google play, yes it cannot be found in Google play. It is safe unless your phone is not rooted. Now comes the disadvantage, MOD APK’s versions are not made by the original app developers for publishers. It is all done by programmers which means hackers so they can easily put malware in it leading to hacking your personal details.Google also wants us to not download any apps from unknown sources because through this day can be hacked.

Now we all got the complete knowledge about the MOD APK so let’s jump into the websites from which we can download APK’s absolutely free. They are:-

  1. APK Mp:- this is the most used website for APK downloads because it provides a wide variety of apps with different versions to support your devices and it also is up to date. This is one of the most trusted website from the users and one of the oldest too.
  2. APK 4 free:- I am sure that you have understood from its name only, it is the website from which you can download the latest version of MOD APK of any applications either games or apps, you can download anything which is free up to date and with fast downloading and installation.
  3. Techylist.com:- now comes my favourite website techylist.com is one of the best website to download APK’s its reviews are better than any other website which I mentioned in this list users are very much satisfied with this website and it is little bit surprised that it is a young website from all other websites in this list but has done a superb job in its field by providing its best services to the users. APK’s are up to date on this website with the latest versions and much easier and faster download and installation process.


Android 1:- this is another trusted website from its users. For me it is the second best website after techylist APK a aa office best versions provide latest versions on time easy to use and many other features.

APK DI MOD:- now the website comes which is truly dedicated for the latest APK of of the latest and best games, yes you heard it right this website is solemnly dedicated for games the process of download and installation is easy all games are up to date etc.

App Cake:- like its name it is the combination of games and other apps, means in this website you can find games and apps with their latest versions and in good condition.

APK Pure:- like other websites this is also a trusted one by its users. All APK are up to date and also gives information about the devices on which it can run smoothly and easily to download.

Aptoide:- this is the unique website because it and allows you to setup and manage on Android store. You can easily test your apps by this website.