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Obama and his crew set up a meeting with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to discuss a nuclear deal. Obamtourage is not endorsed by Mark Wahlberg.

Marcus Wright — Barack Obama
Ben Rodgers — Joe Biden
Doug Mand — Rahm Emanuel
Craig Rowin — Turtle
Jen Bartels — Hillary Clinton
Justin Brown — Hillary’s assistant
Gil Ozeri — Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Lucia Aniello – Mahmoud’s assistant
Nicole Shabtai – Office Girl 1
Janette Johnson – Office Girl 2
Sunita Deshpande – Office Girl 3
Marcia Mitchell – Office Girl 4
Samantha Gurewitz – Office Girl 5

Directed by Paul Briganti
Director of Photography — Cory Dross
Idea by Jennifer Statsky
Script by Saj Pothiawala
Set Designer: Elaine Haswell
Set Photographer: Glenn Boozan
PA Coordinator: Jared Neumark
AC/Grip: Marcos Herrera
PA: Mike Schroeder
PA: Andrew Ford

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